Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce - 1969

Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce - 1969

This attractive 1750 GT Veloce is not only the sought after series 1. It has also just completed a comprehensive restoration in Sweden where it was finished with several upgrades and performance parts into a street legal car with specifications to compete in historic rally sport. In May 2016 the car was inspected by the Svenska Bilsportförbundet who issued a FIA passport.

The body was completely restored with more than 300 pictures to document the repairs and the renewal of spare wheel well, inner and outer well, all jack points, lower sections of all 4 fenders, rear panel, lower parts of A-posts, floor, front wheel arches etc. Finished in 501 Alfa Rosso and fitted with all new rubber in doors and windows.

The original engine has been rebuilt with new bearings, pistons, con rods and timing gear . Cylinder head rebuilt and fitted with Alfa BRM PH 4 camshafts and running on  45 DCOE Webers. Engine is trimmed to 148 BHP. Brakes are new with new discs, brake lines and hoses and fitted with TAR-OX pads. Lowered suspension with Jamex racing springs and new shock absorbers.  Steering ball joints are new and a 4 wheel alignment has been carried out. The car is equipped with all safety devices according to regulations like roll cage, safety tank with foam, race seats with harnesses and an installed fire extinguisher system as well as a hand held extinguisher.

Here is a very attractive, turn-key 1750 GT Veloce very suitable for historic events like rally, hill climbs and track days and which is also street legal and totally restored. 

EURO 49.000

DKK 365.000