Alfa Romeo GTA recreation - 1970

Alfa Romeo GTA recreation - 1970

While the price on a original alloy bodied GTA has catapulted into the stratosphere it is still possible to have all the fun in a steel recreation at a fraction of the costs. This attractive GTA Recreation is built on a GT 1300 Junior originally registered in Germany. The engine is a performance optimized 2 liter with a power output of approx 165 BHP. Styling features includes GTA door handles, sliding windows, huge Monza filler cap and GTA mesh front grill. It also has safety features as roll cage, fire extinguisher, mains switch etc.

Both the body and the mechanics are in excellent shape. The car has been serviced at one of the most respected workshops for Italian classics here in Denmark, Skallebølle Auto. Carburetors, ignition and valve train was fine tuned. Then the suspension and steering was properly set up. The car is perfectly balanced, handles extremely well and goes like stink.

It is registered for the street on Danish license plates and is intended for street use and the occasional track day and not a full blown racecar. The driving characteristics, performance and condition of this car will not disappoint and it oozes that captivating GTA charisma.

EURO 39.500

DKK 295.000