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Volvo Amazon Kombi - 1965

Volvo Amazon Kombi - 1965

Volvo introduced the Amazon in 1957. The man behind the body lines was Volvo's own in-house chief designer Jan Wilsgaard. Allegedly he was inspired by an early 1950s American Kaiser sedan he saw being unloaded from a  ship in the docks of Gothenburg. 5 years later in 1962 came two new versions, the two-door sedan and the station wagon.  A quite pretty, versatile and very spacious estate it was.

The sturdy Amazon was built to high quality in Sweden  and the car seems to be able to go on forever. The rear gate was separated in two halves. A practical detail allowing the lower half to be opened independently thus prolonging the rear cargo space so long objects could be transported with the upper half still closed.

This very nice station wagon or Kombi has just been restored. All rusty body parts was changed and the body received the original dark green Amazon color. The interior was completely renewed by a professional upholsterer according to original patterns and color, but instead of plastic we preferred to make it in leather. All carpets are new as well.

Engine and gearbox were both in excellent condition and except for a full service and cleaning they went back in the car untouched. The B18 engine has been changed to the more powerful B20 engine and the gearbox has overdrive. A lot of parts in suspension were renewed and brakes are also new.

All in all this is a very attractive Amazon in the much sought after estate version and with some nice upgrades as full leather interior, B20 engine and the rare overdrive option.