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BMW M3 - 1987

BMW M3 - 1987

The E30 M3 is probably the most winning vehicle in touring car races ever. Its merits on a race track are unsurpassed and it still stand out as one of the best drivers cars ever built. This superb example looks fairly standard but that is far from the case.

The engine is built on a 2.5 Evo block and crank with 87mm stroke. The list of expensive parts in this engine is long, but here are some of the main features: 12.6:1 forged endurance pistons, 595g conrods, M-cylinderhead with 29.5mm intake ports, 320 deg intake and 308 deg exhaust camshafts, titanium valve springs, 48mm slide trottle bodies with carbon fiber intake box from the Cecotto/Brancatelli DTM team , 50mm race header and Supersprint exhaust, BMW M-Motronic P12 chip with programmable Alpha management.

These are just a small part of the upgraded components that went into this engine. No third party items like Schrick camshafts were used. All parts are original BMW Motorsport. The engine is built to run up to 10.400 rpm, but is restricted to 9.000 rpm were it produces around 330 BHP. Needless to say with an absolutely fabulous sound. It has done 4.000 trouble free km since it was built.

Suspension is adjustable, brakes are 330mm AP with 4-pot calipers, carbon fiber adjustable DTM rear wing, and carbon fiber DTM side mirrors. Wheels are 9.5x16 rear and 8x16 front BBS RS 3-split alloys. 

If this engine seems a little too much we can offer this car with a stock 2.3 liter 200 BHP in rebuilt (km zero) condition and at a reduced price or it can be bought separately. Both engines are not included the price stated here.

The total mileage of the car is 173.000 km and it is in very, very nice condition.